Saturday, April 6, 2013

Journal April 6, 2013

Night temperatures are still too cold to leave plants in the greenhouse overnight, so each day I bring them from the basement growing area to the greenhouse and return them in the evening.  

 I could use the heater, however, to keep the tomatoes and peppers growing I would have to set the thermostat much higher than I would like to.  The olive plants can take lower temperatures, but I plan on giving them as much heat and light as possible to keep pushing them.

For the greenhouse and garden the tomato varieties are: Trust, Tropic, San Marzano, Rutgers and Japanese Black Trifle; the peppers are: Cubanelle and Golden Marconi; as for the cucumbers, I am deciding between Telegraph Improved and Little Leaf.

Sadly, the Trilye olive trees from Turkey may have gone permanently dormant (died).  One day after being removed from the envelope that they had been confined to for several weeks, the leaves began to dry, and now they have fallen off the plants.  Still, hope springs eternal; so I will continue to care for them hoping that they will revive in a month or so.  

This time the seller refunded my money as soon as I notified him that plants were drying out.

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