Monday, April 22, 2013

Journal April 22, 2013

Today I replanted two more olive trees into larger containers, the Arbequina and the Amfissa.  The above photo shows the Amfissa, as it was photographed today, and when I received the plant on December 17, 2012, five short months ago.

The photo, although it shows how much the plant has filled out, does not really portray the phenomenal growth accurately, as the image on the left was taken from much further away, and the pot is much larger.  To say that I am pleased with the progress would be a gross understatement.


To date, three of the trees have been moved to larger containers, and I am thinking that the next size up is about as large as I intend to go.

How I determine that it is time to up pot the plant; is to poke a chopstick into the media around the perimeter of the pot, if there is a lot of resistance when inserting the probe, it is is time to transplant.

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