Thursday, April 25, 2013

Journal April 25, 2013

Ava has her heart set on growing cantaloupe this season, however, I have my doubts about her being able to grow them in her raised bed garden.  Not that it is an ability issue, but rather a weather issue; as melons need heat, and this area comes up short in that department.  That said,  we are going to give them our best shot

Just in case, and as sort of insurance, I decided to grow one indoors, in one of the tents, using the six band flower series LED.  The seedling was planted today in a large autopot system, with the EC at about 2 and the pH at 6.8.  The photoperiod will be 16 hours, and at this point I have the heater set for 70 degrees. 

I am thinking of placing heavy duty trellis netting across the tent to support the plant and any melons that might grow.  An online search for hydroponic cantaloupe did not come up with anyone growing them, so this may be, like the olives, another first.

The sun was shining brightly this afternoon, but it was cool enough for a light jacket or fleece shirt when outdoors.  I spent a good portion of the afternoon in the greenhouse, where the temperature was about ninety, running new feed lines and getting the autopot systems ready to plant the tomatoes.  

The nighttime temperatures this week are going to be quite cold, however, I decided not to bring the plants indoors.  Instead, I am heating the greenhouse using a small electric oil filled heater.   The heater has been used for the last two nights, and the temperature in the greenhouse has ranged from 45 to 50 degrees at night, which is just fine.

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