Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Journal April 23, 2013

I purchased three 9.5" self watering containers at the Wal-Mart garden center today to continue repotting some of the larger olive trees.

Today's candidate was the Kalamata olive tree received and potted on December 3, 2012.  The above composite photo shows the tree when received, on the left, and today on the right.  Once again, the image does not do justice to the transformation since being received, as the pot sizes are quite different.

Other than branching out, the most dramatic change is the reduction in height.  When the tree was received, it resembled a telephone pole.  Several inches were removed from the top of the plant to encourage the plant to be bushy rather than upright.  At this point, I am satisfied with the current height of the tree, and I will most likely not allow it grow much higher. I will continue pinching out the lateral branches, to encourage lateral, rather than vertical growth.

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