Sunday, April 28, 2013

Journal April 28, 2013

Ava returned from her trip to Disney World in Florida all rested and ready to plant, so I turned her loose on the tomatoes intended to grow in the autopots in the greenhouse.  It only took an hour or so to mix new media and finish planting the autopots.  

She also brought me a gift from Florida, of all things another plant!  The plant is a Parlor Palm, Neantha Bella, which is a miniature tree that should max out at four or five feet.  As this plant does not like direct sun light, but prefers shade, I placed it in the tent with the cantaloupe.
With the autopots planted I am opening the greenhouse for the season, as it is no longer practical to move the plants indoors.  The small electric oil filled radiator was used twice last week and it did a great job of keeping the greenhouse above fifty degrees at night, even with the outside temperature in the mid thirties.

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