Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Journal January 30, 2013

I purchased the small 16 watt red/blue/orange LED shown above, and on my January 26, 2013 post, as a trial so I could run the light 24/7 for cuttings and not have to tie up one of my large LED grow lights.  The light was being offered on eBay and was relatively inexpensive so I thought it was worth trying.  To my surprise, I found that the light actually works quite well to cover a small area, so I decided to purchase another light and use both lights in the greenhouse for supplemental lighting for the periods before dawn and dark.

While searching the specifications on the light for reviews I found it available on an alternate site for a third less than for what it was being sold for on eBay.  

The site is Bang Good. com and I found the light under this listing.  

I thought I would pass on the specifications in case there is any interest:

LEDs are rated at 10000mcd.
Ratio: 17 Red : 9 Orange : 2 Blue.
Total LED: 168pcs Tri-band (102 Red,54 Orange and 12 Blue)
100,000 hours of life.
12 years of continuous operation.
Energy consumption is 5-10% of a typical light bulb (depending on wavelength)
Red light stimulate flowering and seed production.
Orange light stimulate growth of carotenoids to make plants stay healthy.
Blue light stimulate stem and leaf growth.
Minimum HEAT ( Energy Efficient )
Ultra Light weight (132g) with fireproof grade plastic.
Better Heat dissipation with 6 vent holes.
Better space utilization to fit in fixtures.
Standard E26 Base.
Perfect for green houses.

LED: 168 pieces
Input Voltage: AC85-135V for US/AC185-265V for EU(please select your suitable one)
Power: 16W
Size: Diameter: 12cm,Height: 11cm
Hours: 100,000 hours
Wavelength: Red: 660nm,Orange: 612nm,Blue: 460nm
mcd:  Red: 10000mcd,Orange: 10000mcd,Blue: 10000mcd
Recommended Height:  2 feet to 8 feet
Recommended Coverage: 5 square feet @ 5 feet
Coverage:  1 square feet @ 2 feet,5 square feet @ 5 feet,9 square feet @ 8 feet

As stated above, I feel the light would be adequate for a small area for supplemental lighting or for a single plant.

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