Saturday, January 5, 2013

Journal January 5, 2013

Sometime last season I received free packet of seeds for a tomato variety called Virgina Sweets.  The description on the package piqued my interest, so I started one to grow in one of the tents using the 126 watt flower series LED grow light.

Most tomato growers would probably like to try one of these:

This heirloom variety is simply one of the best tasting, best producing gold-red bicolors we have ever grown. On top of that, the tomatoes are stunningly beautiful and enormous, weighing at least 1 pound each. Golden yellow beefsteaks are colored with red stripes that turn into a ruby blush on top of the golden fruit. Flavor is sweet and rich, and harvests are abundant. Indeterminate. 80 days. 

With the light at sixteen inches above the plant I measured 5,000 foot candles and I will use a photo period of 16 hours.  The initial nutrients will be Peters Professional with the EC at 2.20 with the pH measured at 6.2.  I  am using a self watering container and the media is agricultural perlite and coir.

 The new 150 watt LED grow light is now operational and is being used to grow a dozen plants of a variety of lettuce called Green Ice.  The seedlings are looking a little leggy, so I am thinking that it is time to replace the 24" T5 tube in the propagator.  That said, a few days under this intense light should correct the problem and get them moving along.

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