Thursday, January 10, 2013

Journal January 10, 2013

The cutting taken from the manzanillo sucker has most definitely rooted.  

It is amazing how quickly the plant is growing under the six band flower series LED,  as the above photo shows only twelve days growth.  The image on the left is from 12/29/12 and the image on the right was taken today, 1/10/13.

I have ordered two very unusual olive varietals from Turkey, and I think these will definitely complete my collection.

As my experience with propagating olives improves I may elect to sell seedlings, either on eBay, or locally to the local bonsai guru.

To date I am totally satisfied with the way the olive plants are growing hydroponically.  Plants that would normally be dormant this time of year are growing so quickly that it has been necessary to do some light pruning.  At this point, I have enough leaves to make a few batches of olive leaf tea, which is supposed to be a new health fad.

This afternoon I picked some silva romaine lettuce for dinner this evening.  We have twelve plants each of silva, green ice, little Caesar, fudanso umaina and early wonder beets in process.  The cost of growing this produce is so low that I would not even attempt to calculate it, however, in January, the cost of the amount of the produce I am growing would be significant.  And, growing it keeps me active and occupied.  A definite win win situation. 

We have enough trimmed olive leaves to make a batch, or two, of olive leaf tea.  In addition to supposedly tasting quite good, it is reported to be good for your immune system:

Antibiotics have been assaulted for a long time.  The ones that survive mutate and get stronger making it harder to get rid of these pathogens with antibiotics. Olive leaf is a natural antibiotic that pathogens haven't had to reckon with. Remember, Olive Leaf will not cure disease but will kill pathogens that cause disease.

What Olive Leaf can do for you:
    Lower blood pressure
    Reduce fats
    Reduce blood sugar
    Decrease fatigue
    Improve the immune system
    Purify the body
    Fight parasites
    Fight viruses
    Fight fungus
    Fight bacteria

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