Sunday, January 13, 2013

Journal January 13, 2013

My assistant, Ava, transplanted a dozen Little Caesar romaine lettuce seedlings into system 1 today.  

We will be using the 90 watt red/blue LED to grow this lettuce, and I expect that we will be picking the lettuce in three weeks time.
The seeds came out of the package on 11/26/12 and were germinated in moist coffee filters.  When germinated, the seedlings were placed in horticubes, which in turn were placed into a domed container, which in turn was placed in my propagator under a 24" 24 watt 6500K T5 tube.

The airline protruding from the domed container runs to the outside of the propagator; several times a day I breath into the airline to provide CO2 to the seedlings and move them around to keep them from getting leggy.

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