Friday, July 3, 2015

Journal July 3, 2015 - More lacto fermenting underway.

The Matilde cucumbers in the greenhouse are coming fast and furious now, so I thought I would get serious about lacto-fermenting pickles.  This variety of cucumber is absolutely, without a doubt, the most prolific variety for greenhouse growing I have seen yet!  The small cucumbers make great pickles, as they ferment quickly, the larger cucumbers are used for salads and table consumption.  The cucumbers in the photo were picked this morning, with another batch looking like it will be ready in just a few days.

Rather than use Mason jars with air locks, I decided to go with the larger fermentation crock for this batch of pickles.  For some reason they seem to take much longer in the crock, but that is OK, as I have a lot of pickles in process already. 

Lacto-fermented garlic scapes; these should be a thrill for the old palate!  In previous years I simply tossed these on the compost heap, but I came across a recipe for fermenting them and thought I would give it a try.  Well, I love garlic, and, I love pickles, so why not?

The DJI Phantom drone is another interest that has been keeping me occupied this summer.  As I had flown smaller quadcopters, I am familiar with the controls, however, I am just now becoming more comfortable with the large drone.  In case there is any interest in experiencing drone flying I have included a link to my video below.

DJI Phantom Flights, July, 2015

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