Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Journal July 21, 2015 - Straw for mulch

About half way through the season I visited an agricultural college site and noticed that they had mulched their onion crop with straw.   As I had almost a full bale of straw in the back of the truck I decided that I would do that also.

That day I added straw mulch to the garlic, onions and cucumbers in the raised beds.  The straw did a good job of keeping the weeds at bay and keeping the soil moist.  Also, I suspect it allows a fair amount of air to reach the soil, so it is a win win in my opinion.

The onions in the photo are Walla Walla onions that I started in the spring from plants I purchased at Lowe's.  As I recall, I paid $2.83 for a bundle, which contained 80 small plants.  At this point it certainly looks like we will have at least $2.83 worth of onions in the fall.

As the composition of the soil where the real Walla Walla onions are grown is an important factor in their taste, I doubt that the taste of my onions will compare with the real thing.  Still, I am looking forward to a nice crop of sweet salad onions.

As for mulching with straw: next season I intend to use straw mulch for the garden tomatoes, as well as everything in the raised beds.  Yeah, it  really works that well.


Anonymous said...

Have not heard from you in a while. I always appreciate your Blog.

Hope all is WELL!

Jack said...

All is well. Just enjoying the warm weather and thinking of what I will grow indoors this winter.