Thursday, June 18, 2015

Journal June 18, 2015 Ginger in a pot

Several months ago, on a whim,  I planted a piece of ginger that we purchased in the supermarket, just to see what, if anything, it would do.  Well, it did absolutely nothing at all, so I got tired of waiting and was set to toss it out.  When I dumped the soil from the pot, lo and behold the ginger had begun to root.  And, the piece of ginger was considerably larger than it was when I first planted it.  It is now replanted in a much larger pot and happily growing in the greenhouse.

In a previous post I wrote of a pepper plant that was doing nothing also.  After doing the post I decided that the time had come to take drastic action, so I chopped the entire top of the plant off, right down to the first node.  I guess that got the plant's attention, as just a short time later it is now developing nicely, with flowers and new side shoots. 
The wife loves basil, even put leaves on sandwiches, different strokes for different folks I guess.  She said that I never grow any basil for her, so I decided to fix that also, planting several different types of basil to grow in the greenhouse.  Basil is expensive if you buy it in the market, but I find it one of the easiest herbs to grow.
The cucumbers and tomatoes are fighting it out at the peak of the greenhouse, as I have yet to terminate the growing tips of either.  It is apparent that the stronger light at the peak of the greenhouse makes the plants grow like crazy.

With the olives spending the summer on the deck, I have plenty of room for other plants in the greenhouse.  We wanted another eggplant, but all that was left was a white eggplant, and it looked pretty sad, however, I bought and planted it anyway.  It loves the warmth and humidity of the greenhouse, really taking off.  I had sworn I would never put another eggplant in the greenhouse because they attract spider mites, but so far, so good.  At the first sign of spider mites the plant will be sprayed with neem oil and will be placed outdoors to finish the season.

Yesterday was my first attempt at photography from my drone. The aerial photo is a screen capture from a video, as I have yet to learn how to get the photo sequence to work. I guess I have to read the instruction manual. In any event, the drone adds a whole new aspect to photography.

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