Monday, June 1, 2015

Journal June 2, 2015 - Tomatoes galore

Yesterday I read that the NWS records show that May was the driest May on record in our area since 1860. That of course means more sunshine, which translates to more heat in the greenhouse; which also means faster growth. The plants have grown to the limit of the side supports, that gives me the dilemma of whether to remove the growing tips, or let them grow to the peak of the greenhouse. Removing the tips will transfer the energy back to the fruit, but reduce the number of fruit. I decided to see just how much fruit I can get, as it is still very early in the season, so I have strung bailing twine to the peak of the greenhouse to support the plants. 

 The cucumbers have a good crop of small fruit, so pickling season is not far off; they are already on their way to the peak of the greenhouse. Soon it will necessary to stoop to get into the greenhouse, but that is a problem that I can live with.

Still, the garden tomatoes are far behind the greenhouse plants.  The plants are about a foot and a half high, with the largest set fruit about the size of a golf ball, so apparently heat is key to their growth.


steve said...

How do you pollinate the cucumbers in the greenhouse? I have never had much success.

Jack said...

I don't pollinate them, I grow varieties for the greenhouse that do not need pollination. Check out Little Leaf, Telegraph Improved, Mathilde to name just a few. They are called parthenocarpic cucumbers.