Saturday, May 2, 2015

Journal May 2, 2015 - Instant bonsai

About a year and a half ago, on eBay, I bid on 20 plus olea europaea cuttings that had been planted and left in a colandar for about five years. The seller had no idea of what variety of olive they were, but I bid fifteen dollars and won. I had to file a dispute when he failed to ship after two weeks and I ened up getting them for free. I separated the plants and planted the larger plants in 8 inch pots to mature, howver, one plant looked like it had potential to be a bonsai, in terms of small leaves and shape. So, today I placed it in a bonai container to become an "instant bonsai." With just a minimum amount of training I think this is going to make a nice bonsai, as it is already about seven years old.


Tim said...

Hey Jack, it's Tim from germany again. i have a question about the size of net cups. does it affect the plants growth when grown for example in DWC or kratky systems? i grow all my lettuce and chard in small rock wool cubes put into 2" net pots and i don't know if it affects the end size of the plants. or would it be better to put them into bigger net cups? thanks for your help.

Jack said...

The 2" net pots are ideal for lettuce, in fact I grew tomatoes in one at one time, though I don't recommend it. Sorry, about taking so long to respond.