Sunday, May 17, 2015

Journal May 17, 2015 - Time lapse video of flower bud opening.

The time lapse video of the pinwheel zinnia bud opening is finished.  While I am somewhat pleased with my first attempt, I can see a lot of room for improvement.

There is another plant about to flower and I am doing another time lapse, with, hopefully a few improvements.

It totally amazes me how much plants move around and we are not even aware of their doing so.


Tim said...

This is amazing Jack! Good work and thanks for your advice about the net pots. Greets Tim

Jack said...

Thanks Tim! I am going to do more of these as long as I have the equipment setup. It is in my hydroponic growing area, which I am not planning on using during the summer. I find seeing plants moving around fascinating, almost spooky, so I'll try to find some interesting subjects to work with.