Saturday, May 16, 2015

Journal May 16, 2015 - Protected growing

My greenhouse tomatoes reflect the benefit of protected growing, as this is the weekend that people in my growing zone, 5B, can safely put their tomatoes in the ground. The greenhouse plants already have several trusses in flower, while some have set fruit. I am thinking that perhaps I will have my first ripe tomato sometime in June.

Although all of my tomato plants were started on the same day, the greenhouse tomatoes far outpace the plants in the garden.   The garden plants are about a foot tall and have a single truss with just flowers on them.  Still, the garden plants are far ahead of plants currently being sold by local nurseries and big box stores.

While on the subject of big box stores, my wife made an impulse purchase while checking out at the Home Depot garden center.  Right next to the register they had a display of City Picker Patio Garden Kits, and she bought one.

Following the instructions, I added potting mix, dolomite, fertilizer and the plants.  That was more than a week ago and I must admit that it performs like the literature says it will.  So far, the plants are growing very well, with absolutely no maintenance other than pouring water into the fill tube every few days.

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