Sunday, November 30, 2014

Journal November 30, 2014 - Callitier clone

It has been six weeks since I started the first batch of cuttings, so I decided to check their progress today; each cutting was gently removed from the media to determine if it had developed roots. 

One cutting, the Callitier, had two large white roots growing from the very bottom, it has now been placed with the other small trees to grow indoors.

The Manzanillo, Tosca and Picholine cuttings are apparently still alive, but are showing little progress so far.  Fresh rooting hormone has been applied to these cuttings and they have been replanted.  The Chemlali cutting was discarded, as the leaves were falling off when touched; there is little chance a cutting will root if leaves fall off.

As there is room for eight cuttings under the LED grow light, I took a cutting each from an Arbequina and Manzanillo olive tree to replace the Callitier and Chemlali cuttings.

 In late spring I was about to discard a Mission olive tree, that I thought was lost from being over watered.  Instead of discarding the tree, I cut the top completely off, leaving only the large root system.  The root system was planted in new media in a large pot, which was left outdoors on the deck all summer.  In early fall the roots began putting out new growth, so I moved the plant indoors for wintering.  

If this plant continues to grow like it is now, it will be a magnificent specimen, so I am really glad I attempted a rescue mission on this Mission.

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