Monday, November 24, 2014

Journal November 24, 2014 - Indoor hydroponic garden

Nutrients in the ebb and flow systems were changed today, so I  turned off the grow lights to take a photo to post on the blog.   Seen from left to right: salad bowl lettuce, beet greens and Swiss chard, or silver beet.

Only three systems are in use, with the fourth system in reserve for a dozen romaine lettuce seedlings that are in process.  

My plan is to start seeds for more beet greens and chard a few days before I harvest the plants in the photo so the systems remain active.

 Salad bowl lettuce, shown above, is one of our favorites, as it is very tender and sweet.  It is another variety that seldom makes its way to produce markets.  That may be that it is so tender it is difficult to ship and store for any period of time.  It is a good selection for indoor hydroponics, as it likes cool conditions and does not require a lot of nutrients to produce a good crop.

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