Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5, 2013 Indoor Gardening

Among the seeds I purchased recently was a variety of lettuce called Thai Oakleaf, shown in the upper left of the photo above.  I really purchased the seeds on impulse, thinking Thai sounds different, however, I should have read the complete description; as this variety has a distinct almond flavor.  I hate almonds and would not eat one on a bet!

The reddish colored plant to the left of the Thai lettuce is Cimmaron, which looks delicious and should be a winner.  The two plants in the front are Golden Giant Marconi peppers that I am hoping will be on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner.

One of the pepper plants will be grown in the tent with the 150 watt 11 band LED grow light.  And, I will be using a new plant support system that I am very excited about, as it is ideal for what I am doing.  

A representative of the company that makes the plant support system contacted me through this site and they sent me a sample to try.  As soon as I received the sample I place an order for another unit for the second tent.  Yeah, it is that good, so stay tuned.

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