Monday, September 9, 2013

Journal September 9, 2012

Somewhere back in the blog I mentioned purchasing two small LED grow lights from and if I would like to retract what I wrote about them.  Already several LEDs have failed on both lights, and the same thing happened to a friend who purchased two lights. 

Today both lights were replaced with waterproof units and I am much happier with the new configuration.  These new lights have a slightly different spectrum, which appears more blue in color than the 20 watt red/blue unit that I have been using.  The new lights, shown on both sides of the support, are only 12 watt units, so now the total wattage for my supplemental lighting is only 42 watts.  Using the remote control, the lights can be activated whenever supplemental lighting is needed.

As the lights are flood lights and swivel 180 degrees, the supplemental lighting can now cover a much larger area of the greenhouse. 

It was my intention to hold off installing the lights until next spring, however, I have fifteen small olive seedlings on order and I will place them in the greenhouse until mid December.  When I bring them in, the LEDs will come with them, to be used in the basement to provide lighting during their dormant period.

The trees that are enroute were an Ebay bargain that I came across late at night; fifteen rooted olive cuttings that are in a bonsai forest planting.  The seller is a bonsai dealer, who claims the trees are four years old, with some having a trunk diameter of about one inch.   As I am no longer into bonsai, I am going to separate the trees and plant them in individual pots and establish them as individual trees.  At some point I intend to offer them for sale, either for pre-bonsai or individual olive trees.  The seller, who only knew they are olive trees, did not know the variety, as I only paid slightly more than a dollar a tree that is really not a big concern at this point.

When the trees are established, anyone who is interested in growing an olive tree in a container can contact me through the blog.

My assistant Ava's cantaloupe project is a rousing success and she should get a Superstar Gardening award for growing melons in upstate New York.  In the words of the immortal Jackie Gleason: How Sweet It Is!!

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