Sunday, September 15, 2013

Journal September 15, 2013 - The ultimate plant support system for indoor gardeners

As promised in previous posts  I will be using a new plant support system that I feel will be hard to beat.  The video above has some information regarding the system, and I will also give a brief outline below.

As we did not have any Giant Marconi peppers in the garden this season I decided to grow them indoors; if things go according to plan they will be on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner.  The plant shown above was started from seed exactly four weeks ago and has been growing under a 90 watt red/blue/white LED grow light.

The peppers will be grown in one of the tents using a 150 watt 11 band LED grow light.  The photo shows the plant with the plant support system collar in place with the upright telescoping support shown in front of the container.  The upright support slips onto the posts and can be extended from 18' to 36", also, the posts can be adjusted and locked into position to accommodate the shape of the plant as it matures.  Also shown is a plant clip that easily snaps around the plants and posts, also there is a trellis kit available that also snaps onto the posts.  

All in all this is a really nice system, which someone has put some creative energy into developing.  I was so impressed that I immediately placed an order for a unit for my remaining tent.

Anyone who wishes to order, or obtain more information, can contact the company on this link.

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