Saturday, September 28, 2013

Journal September 28, 2013

The olive grove continues to grow with the the arrival of two trees today; and two  trees arrived yesterday as well .  The trees that arrive today are a Mission, and finally a French variety, a Cailleitier, also known as a Nicoise, which signifies its curing.

Last weekend I placed an online order for a Koroneiki olive from Georgia Olive Farm; yesterday I received two trees.  One tree had a small portion of the top bent and broken, so I assume that they gave it to me, as I was not charged for it.  I did not mind the broken top as I still had to remove about six inches.  

The trimmings from the new trees are being cloned and all is looking well at this point.  The mixture of 80% perlite and 20% peat, and, importantly, letting the cuttings almost dry between light mistings seems to be th secret in cloning olives.

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