Thursday, June 27, 2013

Journal June 27, 2013

It looks like I will have ripe tomatoes before the first of July again this year, but just barely.  The photo above is of a tropic tomato that is a day or so away from being enjoyed.

The tropic plants are outperforming the hybrid trust tomatoes as usual.  That being the case, I will no longer bother spending a dollar a seed for the greenhouse hybrids, but stick with just the tropics based on their superior performance with my growing conditions.

The Rutgers plant that I am trying has quite a few tomatoes that are a deep green with dark green shoulders.  They look fine, but they are a long way from beginning to ripen, and in no way compare with the tropic tomatoes.

Both varieties of cucumber are almost to the peak of the greenhouse, and I still have not picked a single cucumber.  The plants have several small cucumbers that I expect will take another few weeks to mature.  

The telegraph cucumbers are looking very good though, much better than I recall the plants looking when I last planted them three years ago.  I appears that we will be getting some very nice slicing cucumbers from those two plants.

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