Saturday, June 1, 2013

Journal June 1, 2013

Following my theory that light is just as, if not more important than, nutrients, I added another supplemental light to the greenhouse today. 

Again, I purchased this on eBay, for not a lot of money, and I am well pleased with the product, with one caveat.  The light came with absolutely no plug attached, you not only have to provide, but solder your own plug; nowhere in the description is that mentioned.

The light is enclosed in a waterproof aluminum case, and has 20 one watt LEDs; 16 red 660 nm, and 4 554 nm blue. 

When I was soldering the plug, I looked at the LEDs and thought: these are absolutely whimpy!
They are the smallest LED chips I have ever seen, however, I made the mistake of having the light facing me when I plugged it in, and it is bright enough to scorch your eyeballs!

Now, where to mount it, and how to use it was the question.  I decided to mount it on one of the upright supports for the trellis.  As the light can easily pivot, mounted on the support it can be aimed from the front to the back of the south side of the greenhouse. 

My thinking is that the best way to use it is by activating it remotely when needed; early in the morning; later in the afternoon, early evening, and on cloudy overcast days. It can get right into the canopy of the tomatoes, and almost completely illuminate the olives. It is simply a matter of aiming it where needed as it is being used.

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