Saturday, June 15, 2013

Journal June 15, 2013

The seeds shown above are from a small tree called MAJIDEA ZANGUEBERICA, or  Black Pearl Tree, or Mgambo Tree; which is rare even in its native Zanzibar.

This tree is said to have a perfect shape, a rounded canopy of shiny green leaves and fat clusters of fragrant red flowers.  The pods that follow split open to expose velvet black seeds against a scarlet interior.  These seeds are hard, about the size of a pearl, and are sometimes used as beads.

The seeds are so hard that I am amazed that the radicle is emerging after only seven days in a moist paper towel.  So as not to disturb the radicle I planted the seeds today in coir and perlite; placing the potted seeds under a humidity dome, using a 5500K CFL bulb for a grow light.

So far, only these and the CAESALPINIA PULCHERRIMA - Red Bird of Paradise seeds have germinated, but I never thought that growing tropical plants in New York was going to be easy.

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