Sunday, June 16, 2013

Journal June 16, 2013

The first of the tropical seeds to actually germinate and break the surface did to today.  It has been only six days since I received the package of seeds, so I am really a happy camper at this point in time.  Below is a description of this plant:


This showy desert bloomer is spectacular. The huge red and yellow flowers appear tropical, with long feathery stamens, amazing against the delicate ferny green foliage.  But the plant is tough as nails.
Originally from Argentina, this desert beauty is much used to brighten drought-tolerant Southwest landscaping. It's tough and undemanding, happy in scorching sun or part shade, will tolerate the worst drought, and is hardy down to 5 degrees.
Easy to grow in zone 8-10, Red Bird of Paradise also makes a fine container plant elsewhere, perfect for a sunny window.

There is space at the end of the walkway in the greenhouse that receives sunlight most of the day, but is not being used at all.  That space is where I intend to place the tropical plants that need a lot of light.  Doing the math, I determined that I could construct an addition to the bench from a single 1" x 6" x  8" pressure treated board, if I used every square inch of the board; a trip to Home Depot and 45 minutes later I had my additional growing space.


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