Monday, October 29, 2012

Journal October 29, 2012

This year's batch of indoor cucumbers promises to be the best ever!

One surprising aspect is that fruit is forming well above the lights. Apparently, if the main portion of the plant is receiving adequate lighting, fruit will form in deep shade.

Deciding that I needed a new challenge, I ordered three olive tree seedlings to be grown hydroponically, both indoors, and in the greenhouse. In addition, I ordered a small batch of olive seeds from Greece.

The varieties of olive seedlings I ordered are: 2 Manzanillo and 1 Olea Eeuropaea.  The seeds are for an Anatolian olive tree and are also Olea Europea. 

I am fairly confident that olive plants will grow well hydroponically. In any event, they are well suited to my growing conditions, in both the greenhouse, and indoors under LED lighting.


Madelaine said...

Hi! I noticed you said that you ordered olive seeds. I've been looking for olive seeds... don't suppose you can share where you ordered from.

I love reading your blog and learning new stuff all the time. I have a small system set up myself. I have lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, and chinese greens going right now. Starting to experiment with green onions too. Oh, have a fig tree as well... got my fingers crossed I'll get some fruit soon.


Jack said...

Here is where I ordered the seeds:

The seeds were shipped via airmail the very day I ordered them. I plan on nicking the seed coat with a dremmel and placing the seed in a horticube.

Good luck with your system. It sounds like you have been bitten with the bug also.


Madelaine said...

Hi Jack,
Thanks for the web address for the olives!

Another question for you. I have some hydroponic peppers and tomatoes and have noticed that the water in the ebb and flow system is cooler now that winter is coming. How do you control the temperature of the water or are you concerned about that. The bins aren't on the concrete but noticed that the last few days the temperature has lowered to 16C. I was thinking of putting an aquarium heater in but not sure if I should


Jack said...

No problem on the link. Regarding the reservoir temperature, I don't grow tomatoes or peppers in ebb and flow systems. I grow lettuce, chard and beet greens in ebb and flow and they are cool weather crops. The tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers are grown in self watering containers in tents. The heat from the light raises the temperature to a level that they like, about 70F or a little higher. I think 60F is a little low and may slow down growth. If your lights are close to the plants and the temperature is near 70F you are probably OK.
Good luck,