Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Journal October 2, 2012

Two Little Leaf cucumber seedlings were planted in self watering containers containing a half and half mixture of coir and perlite today. The plants will be grown in a tent using a six band 126 watt flower series LED with a photoperiod of sixteen hours. I am planning on using Peter's Professional nutrients, maintaining the EC about 2.5, and the pH around 5.6 - 5.9. Initially, the light is suspended 15" above the tops of the plants, and the reading is slightly under 5,000 foot candles, which is really 3,000 foot candles above the minimum required.

The fruit on the cucumbers in the greenhouse has just about stopped growing due to lack of sunshine.  The last several days have been overcast and rainy;  simply not conducive to growing plants.

The tomatoes in the tent are progressing nicely, with the Burpee Super Beefsteak still slightly ahead of the Trust.  Today, two very large flowers opened on the Beefsteak plant, which will now require pollinating.

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