Friday, September 28, 2012

Journal September 28, 2012

We have had a small lemon tree for several years now, and currently the tree has both lemons and buds.  I have never seen it have both at the same time; it could be due to the warm weather, or the frequent drenching of used nutrients I give it.  Whatever the reason, I am not going to complain.

The tomatoes in the tent are coming along nicely, and so far the Burpee Super Beefsteak is ahead of the Trust.  The Burpee plant has a large truss with some very large buds forming, with another smaller truss forming about an inch above the first truss.   The Trust variety is forming one very small truss, and is a slightly smaller plant overall.  So much for hybrid vigor.  Who knows though, it may very well catch up. My plan is to limit the plants to either one or two trusses.  In any case, it should be interesting to watch the progress.

Four cucumber seedlings are in 3" pots under a red/blue/white LED.  They will remain in the small pots until four to six leaves have developed.  At that point, I will transplant them to large self watering containers.  They will be grown in one of the  tents with a six band flower series LED grow light.

Today I picked the Outredgrous lettuce and planted a replacement batch, along with a batch of Early Wonder beets for beet greens.  All of the plants, in all of the ebb and flow systems, look fantastic!  The modification of placing the grating and window screen in the bottoms of the trays has made a tremendous difference, to both the plants and maintenance.

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