Monday, February 6, 2012

Journal February 6, 2012

Today, while turning the pepper plant to inspect the backside, I found that there was a fully opened flower that I had not seen before. The plant has quite a few buds, so I will have to pay close attention to the plant from now on, so that I can pollinate the flowers as they open.

All of the Mountain Princess tomatoes have trusses with buds forming, but it will still be several days before the flowers form. And, if the weather continues to be mild, I will bring the plants into the greenhouse in the afternoon, to allow them to bask in the warmth and sunlight. The temperature in the greenhouse was in the 80s today, and I can not recall it ever being that warm in February. Not that I am complaining.

The cucumbers in the ebb and flow system are starting to put out tendrils, and so far, look fantastic. Cucumbers are a good "notification" crop, because it there is a problem with your growing conditions, cucumbers will be the first plants to show it. I have not used the el-cheapo Wal-Mart nutrients for cucumbers before, but they seem OK with it. That said, I plan on changing the nutrients weekly, instead of every two weeks, just to be safe.

It is hard to believe I will soon be starting seeds for the coming season. Where does the time go?

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