Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 19, 2012 journal

It was another nice day today and we still have absolutely no snow on the ground. Although the temperature outdoors was cold, about 39, I decided to let the plants take advantage of the sun in the greenhouse, where the temperature was in the mid sixties.

While taking my daily moisture reading , I saw something unusual lurking just under the top leaves of the pepper plant. Upon investigation, I found the bottom of a chubby four inch pepper, which is growing upside down inside the plant. The plant being so dense, the pepper can not grow in the normal position. I knew that there were a lot of small peppers, about the size of the end of my finger, but finding one this large was a big surprise.

I guess the Mountain Princess did not want to be bested , as I also found a small tomato hiding behind a leaf, but, it is nowhere near as big as the pepper.

My plan, for this year, was to wait until the first of March to start seeds, however, I am going to alter my plan and start some peppers for the soil garden this week. It will most likely be the first of March before they germinate anway.

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