Friday, February 24, 2012

February 24, 2012 journal

When I purchased the Mountain Princess seeds I had several criteria: determinate, early, compact size, medium sized fruit, suitable for container growing. My original plan was to grow them in the tents, allowing only a very limited number of trusses to develop.

I am so totally impressed with this variety, that I have changed my mind, and will allow the plants to develop normally. I did, in fact, remove a few trusses, however, watching the plants and fruit develop convinced me that I should determine the full potential of this variety.

Another consideration is that being small plants, they can easily be moved to the greenhouse when it becomes operational, thus giving us tomatoes as early as April this year.

For greenhouse tomatoes this year I will be starting seeds for Tropic and Truss on the first of March. My long term plan is to clone a few plants in August, and grow them indoors in tents next winter, then perhaps try my one truss experiment.

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