Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012 journal

Today was another sunny day with the temperature in the greenhouse in the mid eighties this afternoon, so the grow lights got a good rest. This winter, though far from over, is going to spoil me.

Seeds for Giant Marconi peppers, for the soil garden, and a few dwarf dahlia for the annual garden, were started today.
Again this year, I plan to continue to grow salad greens indoors under lights, and not fight the bugs and other problems associated with growing greens outdoors.

The above photo shows prizehead lettuce grown from seeds that were purchased at Agway a few weeks ago for a dollar and change. There must be a few thousand seeds in the package, and I can pretty much guarantee that I can get about 80% of the seeds to grow to maturity using coffee filters and horticubes. Personally, I think seeds are one of the few bargains left on the market.

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