Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets.

The title is borrowed from a song written for the 1955 musical Damn Yankees, however, in this case Lola is a variety of tomato, and what she wants is plenty of light.

Territorial Seed Company writes this about this variety:

"80 days. Lola is an eye-catching charmer with veritably everything one could dream of in a tomato, plus the added benefit of an indoor cultivating variety. Big, plump, luscious fruit are lipstick red with a delightfully delicate flavor and absolutely divine aroma. The tomatoes develop a round, slightly squat shape, averaging a hefty 7-9 ounces each, and offer superior storability. Potato-leaf, indeterminate plants.

F1, F2, V, ToMV"

The plant in the photo is receiving about six hours of supplemental lighting each day from a 90 watt LED. The reason for the supplemental lighting is because the plant, being shaded, is not receiving direct sunlight, and tomatoes love light.

To really produce, tomatoes need at least 30,000 footcandles of light per day. My intent is that what the plant is lacking in intensity, I will supplement by increasing the duration of light it receives.

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