Friday, July 22, 2011

There is still time, but not much.

In order to maintain a continuous growing regimen I have been trying to anticipate when each plant in the grow pots should be replaced with either another plant, or a different variety altogether.

On sort of a staggered schedule I have now replaced all of the tomato plants on the south side of the greenhouse with either new seedlings, or plants cloned from the previous plants.

The fruit on the tomato plants on the north side of the greenhouse
is beginning to ripen, so I am planning on replacing the tomatoes with still more cucumbers in the near future.

This variety of cucumber should be ready to harvest in 57 days, so there should be plenty of time for the seedlings in the photo to mature and produce a crop. I have already replaced the original cucumber plants, started in the spring, and the replacement plants are forming flowers. The plants in the soil garden are now producing fruit, so we have had a continuous supply for weeks now, and I hope to keep the supply going into the fall.

I needed dill for another batch of pickles today, so I asked my wife to pick up some at the market. She paid $2.49 for a very small packet of dill, so I have decided that growing my own dill is well worth the time and space. I have started two varieties of dill seed that I had in storage, Fernleaf and Bouquet; we also had a small bottle of McCormick's dill seed in the spice rack, so I started some of them also.
I am guessing that the seed from the spice rack will do just as well as the seeds from the seed supplier.

As usual, time will tell...

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