Friday, July 29, 2011

This year's second planting

As of today all of the autopots have been replanted with either tomatoes or cucumbers.
The north (left) side of the greenhouse has six systems with cucumbers, and the south side has seven systems with tomatoes. The reservoirs have been adjusted for their specific crop: tomatoes at 1600 ppm with a pH of 6.5, and the cucumbers with a ppm of 1600 with the pH at 5.5.

The plants range in size from seedlings, that are just developing true leaves, to plants with fruit already set. The difference in age should further prolong my growing season well into the fall.

Additionally, I have started three types of dill: Fernleaf, Bouquet and Tetra. The seeds were germinated in moist coffee filters and placed in horticubes when the radicle developed. Knowing that dill does not transplant well, I will set the cubes into self watering planters as soon as possible after seeing a true leaf develop.

I wrote in an earlier post that I also tried to start McCormick's dill seed from our spice rack as a trial, however, as of today, not a single seed has germinated. The seed coats are swelling, but the seeds show no sign of germination. I am wondering if they are somehow treated to prevent germination, or, if they are so old that they simply are no longer viable.
Just out of curiosity I will continue the trial for another week

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