Thursday, March 17, 2011

The tomato seedlings are developing rapidly.

Yesterday, and again today, conditions were perfect in the greenhouse. My tomato seedlings received at least five hours of direct sunlight on both days, and already I can see the seedlings responding.

Even though there is still snow in our yard, the temperature in the greenhouse, in the afternoon, is above eighty degrees. My light meter has a maximum reading of 5,000 foot candles, and the light falling on the plants pegs the meter. I would think that the level is closer to 10,000 footcandles, however, tomatoes will take all the light they can get.

After I remove the seedlings from the greenhouse they are placed under a 400 watt HPS lamp four hours. After four hours under the HPS light I place them under the 90 watt red/blue/white LED for another seven hours.

Considering the prices I paid for the seeds, I intend to pamper these seedlings as much as possible.

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