Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Additional capacity

A friend, who is just starting into hydroponics, was in the process of ordering bus tubs to build ebb and flow systems. The company offered free shipping on orders over fifty dollars, so I asked him to order extra units so I could build two more systems for my growing area. As I had the pumps and fittings, the two new units I added cost $12.50 each.

We have more than enough lettuce and salad greens, so I will use the additional units for two of my very favorite pot greens: Swiss chard and beet greens. The chard, pictured above, is a great selection for these units, as are beet greens. Both grow upright, and the plants support each other when packet tightly together. When the weather permits I will place the two new systems in the greenhouse, as both of these varieties can tolerate warm temperatures.

All, except one, of the seeds that I planted for the greenhouse have germinated, and, it has only been seven days since I planted them. I am not surprised so much that the tomatoes have germinated, but to have pepper seeds germinate in less than a week is somewhat unusual.

I have not given up on the remaining seed, and if it germinates my success rate will be 100%. Perhaps this is an omen that Mother Nature is going to smile on this year's gardening endeavors.


Brendan said...

When do you start cucumbers, squash, etc. for outdoors?

admin said...

For outdoors I would start four or five weeks before the last frost date. Figure April 15th or so. For the greenhouse I advance the date to April first. This year, however, has been unusual, so anything goes.