Sunday, March 27, 2011

Swiss Chard coming up.

I am just about ready to pick the chard I have been growing in one of my new flood and drain systems, and it looks fantastic!

For this batch I ran the TDS at slightly over 1300 with the pH at about 6.5 and changed nutrients every two weeks.

Another change I am making is to reduce the photoperiod for leaf vegetables to fourteen hours. Also, for lettuce I am reducing the TDS to about 450 - 500 in an effort to slow down the growth, and by doing so I think I will get better tasting plants.

When the chard is harvested it will be replaced by beet greens, which are among our favorite pot greens. They are hard to find in the market, and expensive when you do find them.


kevin said...

Beet greens ARE good. Just started mine.
Do you really notice a taste dereference with a higher TDC?
Never noticed with any of my lettuce, but then never bothered to compare. I have heard to flush before harvest,but if one wants to prolong the harvest thats kinda hard to do.
Enjoying your blog, Kevin

admin said...

I am trying a LOWER TDS. A lower TDS improves the taste of herbs by making the plant struggle, thus producing more essential herbs. I will also be growing some butterhead, and that has a tendency toward tip burn if conditions are too good. I don't believe a lower TDS will have any adverse effect on lettuce. And, lettuce will, like herbs, survive conditions that other plants will not tolerate. So far, my test lettuce it looks fantastic.