Thursday, March 2, 2017

Journal March 2, 2017 - Orchids are coming into bloom.

I thought I'd mention that the orchids are coming into bloom and share some photos on my blog.  After all, it is a shame to have these beauties and not share them with those who might appreciate them.

Why mention them on a hydroponic blog?  Well, orchids grow in an inert media in a symbiotic relationship with mycelium.  They take no nourishment from the media they are planted in or on but must be fed periodically, just like plants in hydroponic systems.

Just for fun, I prepared media today to start Phalaenopsis seeds using tissue culture procedures.  As I have no experience in starting orchids from seed this should prove interesting.

To be safe I will start hundreds of tiny seeds, but I have no idea of what I would do with hundreds of tiny orchids.  

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