Friday, March 10, 2017

Journal March 10, 2017 - New plants

Today I received an Orange Firestar Epidendrum Reedstar that I had ordered from Hirt's Gardens.   As plants that I had previously ordered from Hirt's were found to be infested with insects I immediately removed the potting media entirely from the roots and closely examined the plants.   When doing so I found that what I had actually received were two separate plants, so I potted them I individually in 3" pots.  In the photo above they are the two plants in the front center.

The large plant shown in the back of the photo was also received today, it is a Cymbidium KOUSHU TANGO "Shall We Dance?"   It is larger than I would have liked, however, as it needs cooler conditions than my other plants I will grow it in a different location and simply deal with it.

Also today, I repotted the Phalaenopsis plants into 3" pots, and I am trying a new method of cloning them.   More on that to follow.

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