Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Journal April 7, 2015 - Start of Aeroponic lettuce grow

We selected red salad bowl lettuce to grow in our home built six pot aeroponic unit, which is basically an Aerogarden on steriods.  And, as I accidentally broke the spinning spray head, I substituted a simple six head spray unit.   Four replacement spinning heads will arrive tomorrow, but the substitution will work just as well.

Rather than simply filling the net pots with hydroton, I decided to use foam clone collars, as the nutrients really spray around inside the container, and I want to avoid any leaking.

When placing the seedlings in the net pot, I removed about 1/4" from the top of the horticube to accommodate fitting the collar around the plant.  A small amount of hydroton was placed in the bottom of the net pot to provide support for the plant until the roots develop.

And, in the immortal words of Popeye the sailor: "Thar she blows!"  The pump will run in 30 minute cycles 24/7, while another timer will control the grow light for 16 hour cycles.

The system, which contains about two gallons of water mixed with one ounce of hydroponic nutrients, has been operational for several hours with no apparent leaks.  

We had several plants left left over and my assistant said: "Pop, can I plant some in dirt?"  High tech is OK, but she still enjoys getting an opportunity to dig once in a while.  Kids.

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