Sunday, January 5, 2014

Journal January 5, 2014 Simulating spring conditions

On the advice of an olive grower I moved the Arbequina plant that is flowering into one of the tents today.  It appears that the tree has set all of the buds that it is going to set.  A warm environment, increased light intensity and duration, and resumption of regular feeding should hasten the development of olives.

For several weeks now I have been harvesting the outer leaves of the Garnet Rose romaine lettuce plants.  After each harvest the plants come back again and again and again.  Amazing.

Another of my current lettuce crops is red salad bowl.  I planted the salad bowl as it is not normally available in the winter, so it is a reminder of spring and summer.

Last, but certainly not least, I have a crop of Dutch Winter Brown lettuce growing.  This is a heirloom variety that was grown in colonial times by Thomas Jefferson in his gardens.  I believe the seeds cost less than three dollars; considering I can grow a few hundred plants that is certainly a bargain.

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