Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Journal January 28, 2014 - Seeing some progress

Yesterday I separated the  Redwood explant that I received from California.  The single plant has turned into four plants in only a month. The separated new plants have been placed into culture to make even more plants.  The Redwoods are in the small vials on the right in the clear protocol.

Doing the math, at this rate, the process would produce three or four thousand trees in about a year. 

Today I took a branch tip from the Pendolino olive tree, sterilized it and cut it into three sections of equal lengths, each with two nodes.  The sections have been placed into three different protocols each containing different constituents.  As all three vessels contain sections of the same branch this should be a very interesting experiment.

The more I work with this process, the more I find I like and enjoy it.  It really takes up very little space, needs very little light, and, needs practically no maintenance.  Each plant is in its own little self contained environment; needing only to be moved to a new vessel every four to six weeks.

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