Monday, July 8, 2013

Journal July 8, 2013

As I had a spare pump that someone gave me a few years ago I decided to build another aeroponic cloning unit.  For this system I only cut a single opening for the cutting, and there is a single 360 degree spray head directly beneath the cutting.

The pump is rather large, and operating in the relatively small confines of a 5 gallon bucket it has a tendency to heat the liquid.  To compensate for the heating I decided to run the pump 15 minutes on and 30 minuets off,  24/7.  This cycle should be ideal for olives, as they prefer to be on the dry side. 

Two cuttings were taken from the Arbequnina olive tree to experiment with; both were dipped in Clonex; one was placed in the cloning unit and the other was planted in the garden under the shade of the blue berry bush. 

At this point I  have three aeroponic units, and all components are interchangeable.  Also, I ordered a spinner, shown above, for less than four dollars to experiment with in these units.

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