Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Journal July 31, 2013

In previous posts I outlined my saga in trying to obtain a Trilye olive tree to grow hydroponically.  Success was in reach when I found that the seedling that I purchased from Turkey was still alive and  starting to grow.

All of my efforts were for naught, as today I was visited by an SITC Officer from the USDA and the tree was confiscated to be destroyed immediately.  It seems that purchasing plant material from foreign counties is not permitted by USDA regulations.

Rather than direct my frustration at the USDA, I prefer to direct my hostility toward Ebay.  Plant material from foreign sources is sold daily on Ebay; so you have to ask why do they not prohibit the sales; the answer most likely being: that they make a profit from the sales.

In fact, I posted on the Ebay forum that it was a waste of time to purchase plant material from overseas after the Trilye seedlings arrived dead.  The seller, goldenpera_com , refused to return my money, and Ebay would not intervene.  Instead, Ebay sent me a nasty-gram saying that they would suspend my account if I continued posting such comments.

Lesson learned,  I you want plant material, don't buy it on Ebay, and don't buy seeds or plants from overseas.

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