Sunday, July 28, 2013

Journal July 28, 2013

This year's harvest of cucumbers from the greenhouse is proving to be the best ever.  Both the little leaf and telegraph improved, shown above, are still providing lots of fruit.

With that being said, I have made a decision not to grow cucumbers in the greenhouse next year, as they are much too messy and take up far far too much space.  Going forward, I will grow them in a raised bed outside on a trellis, and grow sweet peppers, such as Giant Marconi, in the space now being used by the cucumbers.

As I will be removing the cucumber plants in the next few weeks I am cloning six tomato plants to replace the cucumbers in the greenhouse.  I intend to limit the plants to one or two trusses and grow them into the fall.

I am taking a different approach with these cuttings; in that they are much larger than the first batch, and, I am not using just plain water.  These cuttings are being sprayed with a full strength nutrient solution, and so far they look fantastic. 

One of the aeroponic cloning system makers recommends plain water on their site, and I followed their advice with the first batch.  Although they rooted, they were pale and unhealthy looking, but are now recovering after being planted.

 Sometimes it is just best to follow your own instincts and do you own thing I guess.


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