Sunday, May 19, 2013

Journal May 19, 2013

In my last post I noted that the growth was uneven due to the light intensity being uneven.  That is because I was using one 126 watt flower series LED to cover two ebb and flow systems.  Deciding to even out the lighting, and have a light for each system in the grow chamber, I went hunting for a bargain on eBay, possibly another 90 watt unit.

There was an auction of an interesting looking candidate about to end; at that point twenty six bids had been entered, and the price was still very reasonable, well below the buy it now price.  Selecting a price, but not thinking that I would win, I counted down the seconds and entered my price with four seconds remaining.  The other bidders must have been sleeping, because I won the light, and it is least expensive light I have ever purchased on eBay. The unit is a 150 watt 9 spectrum light, including IR, newly designed for 2013.

As several systems are not being used right now, I decided to move a 126 watt flower series light from a tent to the grow chamber and even out the lights.  The new light will be placed in the tent that the light was taken from.

The greenhouse planting is complete; cucumbers on the left, olives in the center and tomatoes on the right.  As I could not decide whether I wanted to plant Telegraph or Little Leaf cucumbers, I planted both varieties.  Lord knows what will happen if they cross pollinate, but I doubt that they will, as I have no insects flying around the greenhouse, and neither variety requires pollination anyway.


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