Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Journal May 14, 2013

Two more olive varieties were transplanted into larger pots today, and that just about completes transplanting the plants I received in the fall.  As long as I was transplanting, I also photographed the plants and put together a composite of the plant as of today and the day I received them.  I find that the composites really help me determine the rate and pattern of growth. Looking at the plants day to day; it is impossible to really appreciate the fact that they are indeed making progress.

The Koroneiki, shown above, was received on November 5, 2012, and I was concerned that it was way behind the other plants and was not doing well.  I guess it was just resting and waiting for spring, as it is starting to really take off now.

The Barouni olive, received on November 13, 2012, seems to have a more open growth pattern than the other varieties.  It is not that the plant is leggy, but it appears that it is not going to be a very compact plant.  The plant was getting kind of lopsided, so when I transplanted it I used an old bonsai trick and angled the trunk in the opposite direction, which makes the plant more upright, and gives the trunk a more interesting appearance.

What I find most amazing, is the improvement in the health of the plants, as can be seen by comparing the color of the foliage in the side by side composites.  Both of these plants were received from professional growers in Florida, and they are much healthier now, growing hydroponically, then they were when I received them.

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