Saturday, May 11, 2013

Journal May 11, 2013

Two weeks ago I decided to move the trays containing the olive seeds into the greenhouse to see if the conditions there would speed up the germination process.  Some of the seeds were started in November of last year and still have not produced a sprout. 

 I was beginning to think that the chances of starting olives from seed were slim and none; that is until I uncovered the seed shown above today.  Two of the four Trilye seeds started on February 22, 2013 have split their coats and appear to be about to sprout.

When I placed the seed trays in the greenhouse, I purposely placed them in front of the tomato plants, where they would receive dappled sunlight throughout the day.  My plan was for the media to absorb heat from the sunlight and perhaps improve the chances of germination.

Trylie is the variety of olive that I tried twice to purchase from Turkey receiving dead plants on both occasions, so I am really pleased to think that I may soon add this variety to my collection.  Not wanting to disturb the seedling, if it develops, I moved the seed to an individual pot and I will place the pot in the same location in the greenhouse where the other seed trays are.


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